Mission Trails

The conquering coyotes of Mission Trails

By Audrey F. Baker Coyotes are an infusion of color — buff against gray, tawny chestnut-red beside blond, swatches of brown, balanced against light-whitish underparts. They are readily recognized by their delicate facial features and a gray patch between the eyes that complements the fox-like rufous muzzle. This medium-sized wild dog displays the contour of […]

A botanical mystery at Mission Trails

By Audrey F. Baker | Trail Guide Among our most spectacular winter blooms is Mission Manzanita. Its 0.3-inch flowers appear December to February, ranging from milk white to rose-pink and blending to yellowish tones at the open end. Prodigious urn-shaped flora assemble in small clusters near branch ends. When moist, these mini-mission bells broadcast opalescent […]

News from the Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation – Nov. 18

By Jay Wilson The 5-Peak Challenge enjoyed its first anniversary on Nov. 7. It continues to be a great success as nearly 4,000 people have successfully completed the challenge and registered their accomplishment with Mission Trails Regional Park (MTRP). It certainly has accomplished its initial goal of expanding the horizons of hikers to more than […]

News from the Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation – Oct. 21

By Jay Wilson Summer recap During the summer, the Visitor Center enjoyed a facelift on the second floor of the Exhibit Hall with the unveiling of two new exhibits: The “Wonderful Wildlife of Mission Trails,” with its two 42-inch touchscreen monitors depicting spectacular photographs and information for a wide variety of the wildlife of Mission […]

Glimpsing nature’s beauty at Mission Trails Regional Park

By Audrey F. Baker Nearly 3 1/2-feet tall with a 5-plus-foot wingspan, the Great Egret firmly stands in the sediments of Mother Earth, grounding itself against the ebb of fresh or salt water. A member of the Heron family, this poised, exacting fisherman stoically waits, and then takes its catch by precision movement of its […]