News from the Del Cerro Action Council

By Jay Wilson At the Jan. 28 meeting of the Del Cerro Action Council (DCAC), police community relations officer John Steffen reported on the crimes in the area and stated that they had declined. There were only three burglaries in the past four months. “People are paying attention to their surroundings and that decreases the […]

The conquering coyotes of Mission Trails

By Audrey F. Baker Coyotes are an infusion of color — buff against gray, tawny chestnut-red beside blond, swatches of brown, balanced against light-whitish underparts. They are readily recognized by their delicate facial features and a gray patch between the eyes that complements the fox-like rufous muzzle. This medium-sized wild dog displays the contour of […]

News from the San Carlos Area Council

By Mickey Zeichick Meetings roundup The next meeting of the San Carlos Area Council (SCAC) will be Wednesday, March 1 at 6 p.m. at the San Carlos Branch Library at 7265 Jackson Drive. Our meetings are open to the public and our speaker will be Emma Santer, development specialist at the San Diego office of […]

News from the Allied Gardens/Grantville Community Council

By Shain Haug At the Jan. 24 Town Hall Meeting of the Allied Gardens/Grantville Community Council (AGGCC), we received reports from Liz Saidkhanian of Councilmember Scott Sherman’s staff, Ashley Campbell of Rep. Susan Davis’ office, San Diego Police Department Liaison Officer John Steffen, and San Diego Fire Department Battalion Chief Glen Holder. Our primary speaker […]

One step closer for San Carlos Library

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By Doug Curlee | Editor at Large

We now have a very good idea what the new San Carlos branch library will look like. We also have a much more uncertain view of when it might look like that.

Architect David Pfeifer showed the drawings and schematics of the long-awaited facility to the Navajo Community Planners at the group’s Jan. 11 meeting, and it revealed a 25,000-square-foot library and community center that has been the dream of library supporters since at least 1995, and probably much earlier.

Grantville may host more veteran, low-income housing

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By Doug Curlee | Editor at Large

Affirmed Housing is looking at the northeast corner of Fairmount and Twain Avenues for a multi-story complex of buildings for homeless veterans, special needs populations and low-income families, in the same vein as the company’s current efforts with the former Motel 6 on Alvarado Canyon Road.

Affirmed Housing senior project manager John Wurster unveiled the plans at a meeting of the Navajo Community Planners, Inc. (NCPI) on Jan. 11.

Mini-dorms face stiff crackdown

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By Doug Curlee | Editor at Large

Longtime residents of the neighborhoods around San Diego State University are losing their communities to the never-ending need for some sort of housing for SDSU students.

Right now, there are more than 800 so-called “mini-dorms” in the College area, and there are fears that these makeshift housing options will spread to other communities, like Del Cerro, San Carlos, Grantville and Allied Gardens.