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Local distiller makes inventive splash into growing market

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By Frank Sabatini Jr.

Jason Swinford is banking on the day consumers will demand locally made spirits, much like they do craft beer.

The trend has actually begun in niche circles around the globe, which is why he made the leap from food truck operator to budding distiller three years ago. More recently, he added a 400-square-foot tasting room to his Grantville-based business, Swinford Spirits, which produces artisan gin, plus vodka contained in self-infuser bottles, and Canadian whiskey he imports and enhances with toasted quinoa and organic ginger.

Culinary patriot

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By Frank Sabatini Jr.

Shortly after Geoff Cole joined the Navy as a seaman recruit in 2002, he found himself cooking for 3,500 sailors a day aboard the U.S.S. Belleau Wood during Operation Enduring Freedom. Despite taking a brief interest in food while working at a Florida restaurant prior to enlisting, he wasn’t wowed by slinging mass meals on a ship.

“I was making omelets for hours and didn’t really like it,” he recalls. “I really wanted to be a pilot.”

Common questions about colon cancer

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Dr. Ananthram Reddy [Editor’s note: This article previously appeared on the Sharp HealthCare website and was provided by Bruce Harman of Sharp Grossmont Hospital.] Although the vast majority of colorectal cancer – often called colon cancer – occurs in people age 50 or older, it can happen at any age. Colorectal cancer is the fourth […]

Family fare

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By Frank Sabatini Jr. Count it among the few remaining holdouts in San Diego that doesn’t try wooing you with pretentious food and trendy design elements. Brother’s Family Restaurant, with its “Grandma Jennie” pancakes and unassuming atmosphere, is revered instead by many as a home away from home.

5 Things to know about integrative heart care

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By Leonel Sanchez Heart disease is the leading cause of death among both men and women in the United States, taking the lives of 610,000 Americans every year. While conventional medicine can offer heart patients the very latest technology in terms of medications, surgeries and interventional procedures to treat heart attacks and other acute heart […]

A taste of Indonesia

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By Frank Sabatini Jr. The widely rooted concept of a “gastropub” has arrived to Mission Valley, in a tucked-away segment of Camino del Rio South that dead-ends at TGI Fridays. Situated at the base of a low-rise office building, the Mission Valley Gastropub is the re-branded version of Bali Thai Café under the same ownership. […]

Building wells

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By Dr. Ink There are normally two reasons why I go to malls. Those being when my iPhone needs repair at the Apple Store, and on fewer occasions, to shop for things I don’t need with gift certificates given to me for Christmas. Neither provides social or spiritual fulfillment. But exceptions can be made if […]

Decisions, decisions

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By Frank Sabatini Jr. During its run in the College Area, which lasted almost 10 years, Pita Pit attracted a cult following typically enjoyed by non-corporate eateries slinging food exceedingly more inventive. Now, the Canadian-founded chain, boasting more than 600 outlets worldwide, has returned to a small Linda Vista strip plaza not far from the […]

Kensington Brewing Company is not where you think

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By Cody Thompson | Suds in the City In this exciting and ever-growing craft beer scene in San Diego, not a day goes by without plans being written about the next up-and-coming brewery. Star brewers of tomorrow are plotting their plans of attack on the San Diego beer scene today. That being said, what would appear […]