A dedicated Navajo neighbor

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By Jeff Clemetson | Editor

In August, Jay Wilson announced that he would be stepping down as executive director of the Mission Trails Regional Park Foundation (MTRPF) where he had served for nine years.

In addition to his time as MTRPF’s first executive director, Wilson has always been a dedicated neighbor and volunteer to the Navajo communities. He is a current member of the Del Cerro Action Council; has served on the Navajo Community Planners, Inc.; helped start and revive the Lake Murray July 4 fireworks festivals; and helps put up the U.S. flags along Navajo Road every legal holiday.

Shaped from clay

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By Margie M. Palmer

A truly unique children’s book, “Lily Pond,” was launched on Kickstarter by Patrick Henry High School alumni Shelley Daniels Lekven.

Shortly before graduating with a degree in psychology from UCLA, Lekven was inspired to write a poem that follows the vivid imagination of a little frog, Lily Pond, as she daydreams about her future.

Taking a community to raise a youth

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By Cynthia Robertson

Just in Time For Foster Youth, a unique organization helping hundreds of youth who have aged out of the foster care system, has made Grantville its home.   

Funded completely by donations, investments and fundraising efforts, Just in Time (JIT) is the stop-gap place for foster youth who have nowhere else to turn once they are released from their foster homes at age 17 or 18. It is a place where changed lives are an everyday occurrence, but never taken for granted.

Football star to family business man

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By Doug Curlee | Editor at Large

When Don Coryell was hired to bring San Diego State football out of what was called the “small college” ranks and into the big time, Jim Allison says Coryell talked him into passing up offers from the likes of Texas, UCLA and the big schools.

“Coach knew where he wanted the program to go, and told me I could help get them there. He could talk you into anything if he put his mind to it, and he did with me.”

A league of their own

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By Jess Winans

Michael Jordan has his own shoe, Maria Sharapova has a premium line of gummy candies and if you’re a Splash team member of the San Diego Senior Women’s Basketball Association (SWBA), you have Miracle Whip.

Splash is an SWBA team for players over 80 years old that has been featured by ESPN, NBC, The Huffington Post, Yahoo News and endorsed by Miracle Whip — an endorsement which they said “comes with a side of potato salad” on their Facebook page.

Market returns

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By Jess Winans

Christine Quilici and Josh Perez certainly aren’t strangers when it comes to fresh starts.

The Allied Gardens business partners and owners of TruSelf Sporting Club opened the Allied Gardens Farmers Market on May 7, 2017 at Patrick Henry High School on Wandermere Drive.

While not an extension of the previous market that was held Fridays on Waring Road, the new Allied Gardens market — now held on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. — operates under the same name.

Date set for Grocery Outlet grand opening

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By Doug Curlee | Editor at Large

Chris and Gay Holbrook are transplants from Salt Lake City who came to Southern California to be near grandchildren, and to look for some kind of new careers.

They found one in Grocery Outlet, and they’ll be the owner-operators of the Grocery Outlet at the old Albertsons at Waring and Zion. That building has been empty since Albertsons closed its doors two and a half years ago, leaving local residents without a nearby grocery store to shop at — and leaving an opening for someone to cash in on an open market.

College and community face off over Aztec Canyon

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By Doug Curlee | Editor at Large

Aztec Canyon, at the extreme west end of San Diego State’s property, is seen by residents around it as an unspoiled jewel of open space and wildlife habitat in the middle of the daily hustle. The people who live in the 341-home College View Estates want it to remain just that.

San Diego State sees it somewhat differently — in fact, a lot differently.

Local publishes unique guidebook for children

By Margie M. Palmer

Mission Valley resident Linda Gallo Hawley may not be a San Diego native, but the New York transplant and lifelong educator can school most San Diegans on the region’s native flora, fauna and even cultural history.

In addition to making her own mark on the culture of the region through her monthly “Nature Adventures!” programs at Mission Trails Regional Park, where she guides primary school children through the park’s many trails, she’s also the proud author of a recently published, child-centric guidebook by the same name.