Flight of the tern at Lake Murray

Despite the dismal rainy season of 2017-18 and the corresponding dearth of food across the ecological spectrum (was there a wild flower season and I missed it?), somehow Kumeyaay Lake has survived. Actually, it has thrived. You would not think this true by looking at it now, but my regular rounds have discovered white-tailed kites, hummingbirds, nesting hawks, nest boxes with ash-throated flycatchers and house wrens. Within the lake itself, the population of tadpoles, minnows, dragon- and damselflies are seemingly unaffected by desperately low water levels.

Midterm results analyzed at next Dems meeting

In light of the extremely controversial Brett Kavanaugh confirmation to the Supreme Court voted by the Republican Senate this month, will the #metoo movement, Indivisible groups, equality and environmental activists, women’s rights advocates, and core Democratic and progressive voters combine for an historic midterm “blue wave” election on Nov. 6?