San Carlos

Garden brings community together

Posted: October 20th, 2017 | Communities, Features, San Carlos, Top Stories | No Comments

By Margie M. Palmer

In the past six years, the San Carlos Community Garden has morphed from a concept to a favorite community gathering space, but Garden Leadership Team Volunteer Kelly Wood admits that “it took a village” to transform the space into what it is today.

Wood, who is also a member of the San Carlos United Methodist Church, said the idea for the project came in 2010, when the pastor of the church approached her about starting a community garden.

Honoring neighborhood icon isn’t easy

Posted: March 17th, 2017 | Communities, Features, News, San Carlos, Top Stories | No Comments

By Doug Curlee | Editor at Large

The people around Tuxedo Park in San Carlos loved Jim Brannick, and they want to make sure he’s not forgotten.

Back In September, we told you about the 83-year-old neighbor who came to the park just about every day with a smile and a good word for all his two-legged friends, and pockets bulging with doggie treats for his four-legged buddies.

Rec center roundup

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By Terry Cords The 2017 Spring Program is off to a busy start at both the Allied Gardens Recreation Center and the San Carlos Recreation Center. Detailed information can be obtained by calling the telephone numbers below and by checking the “Program Guides” on the website for the specific Recreation Center.

News from the San Carlos Area Council

By Mickey Zeichick Meetings roundup The next meeting of the San Carlos Area Council (SCAC) will be Wednesday, March 1 at 6 p.m. at the San Carlos Branch Library at 7265 Jackson Drive. Our meetings are open to the public and our speaker will be Emma Santer, development specialist at the San Diego office of […]

One step closer for San Carlos Library

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By Doug Curlee | Editor at Large

We now have a very good idea what the new San Carlos branch library will look like. We also have a much more uncertain view of when it might look like that.

Architect David Pfeifer showed the drawings and schematics of the long-awaited facility to the Navajo Community Planners at the group’s Jan. 11 meeting, and it revealed a 25,000-square-foot library and community center that has been the dream of library supporters since at least 1995, and probably much earlier.

News from the San Carlos Friends of the Library

By Sue Hotz Memberships San Carlos Friends of the Library (SCFOL) annual memberships must be renewed each January; $5 for seniors and $20 for a family. Become a Life Member for a one-time donation of $250. All SCFOL members presenting their membership card can make purchases at the limited monthly pre-Used Book Sales held in […]