Say YES!

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When you took stock of 2017 and set out a plan for this new year, did you make a vow to just say no? No to additional commitments, no to volunteering, no to one more extra responsibility?

Dense breasts increase chance of cancer

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By Sharp Grossmont Hospital Health News Team

If you’ve had a mammogram and were told you have dense breasts, you’re not alone. Most women have some breast density, but why does it matter?

“Women who have dense breasts are four to five times more likely to develop breast cancer than women with low breast density,” said Dr. Tere Trout, a board-certified diagnostic radiologist affiliated with Sharp Grossmont Hospital.

Have a good night!

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By Benjamin Macapugay

Lou and his wife used to joke about it. “I come from a family of snorers,” he explained. “I warned my wife before she married me, so she had no excuse! Maria knew what she was getting into!” They used to joke how it was a good thing that they used to live near a train track so the sound of the trains at night would block out Lou’s snoring.

But as time went on, Lou noticed that he started to feel more and more fatigued during the day. “Around my late 30s, I started to feel tired all the time, even when I made sure to go to bed early the night before,” he said. “I would look in the mirror, and I looked way older than I was. It didn’t feel normal.” His wife noticed this before he did.

Packing a perfect, healthy picnic

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By Sharp Health News Dieticians weigh in on summer snacking Summer calls for day trips to the park or beach, which involve carefully packing the car with chairs, towels, sunscreen, hats, games and a perfect combination of snacks. However, a long day away from home does not mean you have to resort to greasy pizza, […]

Surprising facts about migraine headache

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By Scripps Health | To Your Health Migraine headache is one of the most common medical conditions in the United States – and also one of the most commonly misdiagnosed. Despite the belief that migraines are rare, statistics estimate that migraine headache affects about 20 percent of the population. Moreover, because migraines are often missed […]

Help save trauma patient lives by giving blood

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By The American Red Cross During Trauma Awareness Month in May, the American Red Cross urges eligible donors to help ensure lifesaving blood is available for patients with traumatic injuries and other serious medical needs by donating blood or platelets. According to the National Trauma Institute, trauma accounts for approximately 41 million emergency department visits and 2.3 million hospital admissions […]