Tifereth Israel Sisterhood celebrates 70

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Seventy years ago, cell phones didn’t exist, Doo Wop was on the radio, and Vietnam and Iraq were far countries on a map. It was also the year the Tifereth Israel Sisterhood was founded within the Tifereth Israel Synagogue in San Carlos. The world may look a lot different now, but the Sisterhood still exists — and is still growing.

Not your average opera

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The OperaNEO company holds auditions in 13 different cities including Boston, New York, Chicago, Austin, Seattle and others for a $39 audition fee. Each year, they choose around 30 to 35 singers to join the program, which makes it quite competitive, considering the fact they had over 400 people audition this year.

Chivalry and charity

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The Kingdom of Terre Neuve is not your average nonprofit organization — with its swords, knights, squires, kings, queens and costumes serving as a stark contrast to the traditional buttons, fliers and catchy logos of other charitable groups.