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By Jay Wilson

A big thank you to Lance Grucela, Dan Tomsky, and Jack Hawley who joined me at city hall on Monday, Dec. 11 for city council action on the proposed development of 24 homes south of the Del Cerro Chevron Station. Following the report from city staff supporting the project, each person in favor or opposed to the project was given one minute to testify.

There were four of us against and 16 testifying in support of the project. I ceded my time to Lance as his backyard borders the project. City council voted 9-0 to support the project. Unless there was a violation of rules and regulations, the council had to vote yes or face a costly legal battle.

Our Police and Fire-Rescue departments issue the following information every year — and for a good reason; to remind all of us to use common sense during the holiday season. Too often we have the tendency to leave packages locked in a car, but in plain view. Always lock your packages in your trunk. The criminal element is always on the lookout for an easy mark. If you are parked in a busy area, and you have a lot of packages to leave in your trunk, don’t hesitate to move your car so it appears you are leaving and therefore not a target. At home, do not leave packages in plain view of someone walking by. Close your drapes.

The Fire-Rescue Department wants to remind everyone to not overload your electrical circuits with extensive lights or electric decorations, and do not put an extension cord under a carpet or rug.

On Dec. 22, members of the Friends of Del Cerro are scheduled to meet with city staff to review the city’s engineering report for the proposed Del Cerro Maintenance Assessment District (MAD), and finalize the petition to begin collecting signatures. Information about the proposed MAD will be available to everyone to include the boundaries of the MAD; what it wants to accomplish; how the MAD will operate; and how much it will cost a property owner. When there are sufficient signatures to qualify for a vote, all property owners will be notified and they will receive a mail-in ballot to vote in favor or against the establishment of the proposed MAD in Del Cerro. For more information, visit the website.

Another item of concern to Del Cerro residents is the Master Plan Update for the Montgomery-Gibbs airport. It is my understanding from two city staff sources, who were involved in developing the Master Plan Update, that the length of the main runway cannot be lengthened because of the vernal pools. What is being proposed is to lengthen the actual landing area of the current runway by 350 feet. As explained to me, there are insurance companies that will not allow planes to land here because they consider the landing area too short. Yet other insurance companies allow the same size planes to land. Stay tuned.

The members of the Del Cerro Action Council board of directors wish all of you a happy and safe holiday season!

—Jay Wilson is secretary for the Del Cerro Action Council. Reach him at

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