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By Jay Wilson

Our community appears to be on cruise control on several matters. We won’t see any construction at the ColRich site for a few months, the comment period on the SDSU master plan update has passed, and Rachel Gregg from SDSU has assured us SDSU has no interest in Adobe Falls development as they are concentrating 100 percent on the Qualcomm site for expansion of the university. The proposed Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) is on hold until the city adopts a policy defining how they establish what the city normally provides and what is to be improved through a MAD.

The traffic speed indicator heading north on College Avenue has ceased functioning, even though it was installed very recently. As a result, the traffic speed on northbound College Avenue between Del Cerro Boulevard and Navajo Road has already increased. It has been reported to the city and we hope it is under warranty. Both speed indicators on Waring Road are not working. They lasted for well over a decade and the traffic speed on Waring Road is also increasing.

“There is not much to report this past month,” commented Mark Rawlins, the chair of the Del Cerro Action Council. “Crime in the Del Cerro area has been down. That is great news. As a reminder, as the weather warms up make sure you keep your garage door down and your windows shut when you are not home. Also, make sure your car is locked and keep valuables out of sight at night. You don’t want to give criminals an opportunity.”

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Stay safe and stay alert as you drive by any park and school play area in our community. Over 1,000 children are currently participating in youth sports and every park and grass field in the Navajo Community is being occupied virtually every weekday with practices. The youth sports groups are the Allied Gardens, San Carlos and Mission Trails Little Leagues, Navajo Girls Fastpitch Softball, Mission Trails Lacrosse Club and the Crusaders Soccer Club.

— Jay Wilson is secretary of the Del Cero Action Council. Reach him at

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