Del Cerro Action Council news – Nov. 17, 2017

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By Jay Wilson

The Del Cerro Action Council and community members are continuing to fight an uphill battle with the proposed ColRich 26-unit housing project below the Chevron Station.

As reported last month, the Planning Commission voted unanimously, 5–0, to support the project, despite their objection that there was no traffic study (which is not required for such a small project).

On Nov. 6, Dan Tomsky, Lance Grucela and I met with Councilmember Scott Sherman and Liz Saidkhanian, his director of community outreach. Councilmember Sherman understands our concerns.

He emphasized if the project meets city requirements, it is a viable project and there are no viable grounds to vote no. He referenced a recent development he and two council members voted to support, and the remaining council members voted no, even though it met all requirements.

The result was a major lawsuit by the developer, and the city lost. Grucela also presented a letter he received from the city in response to a potential legal matter with the property. Councilmember Sherman assured us he would follow up.

Another major community issue is the proposed expansion of the Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport runway that will allow access of more and larger aircraft. The flight path for landing is a noisy concern for many Del Cerro residents.

If the noise from aircraft landing at this airport is a problem for you, you need to register a complaint on their webpage. The city of San Diego owns the airport, but flight patterns are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration, and not the city. When I tracked noise reports several months ago, there were no registered complaints from 92120.

Two knowledgeable Del Cerro residents are looking into the expansion. One issue is the vernal pools on the southeastern portion of Montgomery Field that would be impacted by any future expansion of the airfield. Environmental matters weigh heavily on development; particularly for projects on undeveloped land.

Rachel Gregg, the new SDSU Community Relations Manager, assured us she has been updated regarding Adobe Falls. She stated progress is being made on installing the grate at the entrance to the storm drain that begins at SDSU, goes under Interstate 8, and empties in the vicinity of Adobe Falls.

This is a state project. The grate is being manufactured and hopefully it will be installed by the end of November. SDSU is also working with the San Diego River Park Conservancy to remove the non-native vegetation in Adobe Falls.

She concluded by informing us SDSU is recruiting a new president, and the position should be filled by the start of the fall semester in 2018. Sally Roush is the acting president until a replacement is hired.

SDSU Police Community Resource Officer Corporal Mark Peterson informed us that for the same period of time for 2016 and 2017, the amount of calls regarding Adobe Falls was reduced from 70 to 13. He was pleased to announce the school’s police force is almost at capacity with the hiring of a number of new officers.

SDPD Community Relations Officer John Steffen reported that speed indicators have been permanently installed on College Avenue, between Del Cerro Boulevard and the fire station, as well as on Del Cerro Boulevard by Hearst Elementary. He has been moving a portable speed indicator throughout the Navajo Community.

Lisa Lind, the city’s senior planner for the Navajo Community, gave a presentation on the Grantville Trolley Station/Alvarado Creek Revitalization Study, which will lead to eliminating the flooding problem adjacent to the creek/storm drain between Waring and Mission Gorge roads. This will allow for the redevelopment of this area. The full report is available on the city’s website.

Mark Rawlins gave an update on the proposed Del Cerro Maintenance District. The city’s long overdue Draft Management Report and the Engineering Report is to be completed by the end of November.

With these reports, the Friends of Del Cerro will initiate a petition. With sufficient signatures, the item can be sent to the property owners for a vote. More information is available on the MAD’s website

— Jay Wilson is secretary of the Del Cerro Action Council. For more information, visit

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