Letters to the Editor: April 13, 2018

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Airport plan

Re: “Airport Authority, residents clash over expansion” [Volume 24, Issue 3 or]

I am a 20-year resident of Del Cerro. I am also a retired 20-year Naval Aviator and retired captain for a major airline. I have been attending the public meetings for the master plan and I share Mr. Nelson’s concerns. My home is located very close to the final approach course of runway 28R, the primary instrument runway for the field. And as I have experienced countless times over the years, located directly under the path taken by aircraft making visual approaches to both runways 28L and 28R.

Mr. Nelson is correct. Moving the displaced threshold back some 1,176 feet to the end of the pavement on runway 28R will do a couple of concerning things. First, it will move both the electronic (ILS) glideslope and the visual glideslope as presented by the VASI system back, as well, to positions supporting approaches to the full length of the runway. The additional length will allow larger aircraft to land to the west on 28R as opposed to circling to land on runway 10L from the west to take advantage of the full length of the pavement. Now here comes the rub. Moving the ILS glideslope and the visual glideslope back will lower the ILS glideslope and the visual glideslope down 61.6 feet (by calculation) and support visual approaches to 28R by larger and noisier aircraft.

Bottom line, we will have larger and noisier aircraft approaching the airport 61.6 feet lower on the ILS glideslope and making visual approaches at least 61 feet lower right over the top of homes in our area. My home is located approximately 4.5 statute miles from the approach end of the runway in question and I can assure you aircraft now making visual approaches to runway 28R are frequently not established on either the ILS glideslope or the visual glideslope when passing over my home. They are very frequently considerably lower and disturbingly noisy.

Now having said all that, I must add that both the people associated with the city, the airport, and the company contracted to formulate the master plan have patiently listened to my concerns. And I have proposed specific procedures and policies to mitigate the adverse effects of moving the displace threshold. And, believe it or not, I do not necessarily object to the move. As an experienced pilot, I know the merits of landing into the prevailing wind on a longer runway. That said, I most emphatically assert that any such move be made only after having established specific enforceable flight procedures to mitigate the inevitable noise.

—J.M. Regan, Del Cerro


Thank you

Re: “News briefs: G.A.G. Kiwanis founder remembered” [Volume 24, Issue 3 or]

Thank you for including an article on our “Founding Father” Bob Frankhouser! I was very pleased to see that Bobby made the cut on your latest issue of the Mission Times Courier, and I know many of our club’s friends and neighbors will appreciate seeing Bobby remembered in front of the entire community.

I’m very glad that you take the time to look over our club newsletter and occasionally find something worth your attention. Keep up the good work.

—John Robert Crawford, Grantville-Allied Gardens Kiwanis


More thanks

Re: “St. Therese tower being rebuilt” [Volume 24, Issue 3 or]


Many thanks to Jeff Clemetson and to Doug Curlee for responding to my inquiry about the Saint Therese Catholic Church tower restoration project. When such a project happens in your own close neighborhood, it is very gratifying to find out the details. You answered all of my questions, and I am happy for the church’s congregation that the expensive and time-consuming work is being done to preserve the tower.

The Mission Times Courier is becoming more interesting with each issue. Thank you!

—Jan Roese, Del Cerro resident


Two sides to every review

Re: “Tostadas with a view” [Volume 24, Issue 3 or]

I just finished reading your review of Emiliano’s Mexican Restaurant and really appreciated your comments and excellent review in the Mission Times Courier. It seems that most restaurant reviews in small local newspapers are positive. Yours got down to the nitty-gritty.

I love Mexican food and wondered if you can recommend some in this area?

—Jim Barta

I feel [your] article was very damaging and unfair to the restaurant, owners and waiters. Emiliano’s Mexican Restaurant has been there for 13 years and we have been going there for 11 years. The owners have been there every time we have gone and are very friendly to their guests. The waiters have always been friendly and very personable.

I have always enjoyed their food. We went there last night and I had the chili verde. It was very good and plenty to eat. The chips, salsa and carrots/onions are good and fresh. The margaritas are the best I have found in San Diego. I always recommend the restaurant when people ask me about Mexican restaurants.

The writer was correct when he wrote, “The appealing view and colorful décor are the restaurant’s strong points.” The patio overlooks the Admiral Baker Golf Course. Maybe the writer should visit the restaurant in the evening and meet the owners before writing such a scathing article. Every evening that we have gone, the parking lot is packed and the restaurant is well attended. The guests are having a fun time. It’s a good family restaurant enjoyed by young kids to seniors. They also have a full bar and separate banquet room. It’s a shame to put down a business within our community that is enjoyed by our neighborhood patrons and other visitors just for the sake of an article. Maybe you should come some evening and enjoy the fun, food and margaritas! We sure do!

—Doug Gardner

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