Letters to the editor – April 15, 2016

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Retraction demand

Re: Political cartoon [Volume 22, Issue 3]

Today I picked up your government-subsidized so-called “newspaper” from my front lawn. The bullshit rag you are the editor of insulted myself and millions of Americans by your cartoon of the honorable Donald Trump.

I demand an immediate retraction. You are implying that anyone who does not support nor invites tens of millions of foreign invaders who suck my hard-earned resources from my family and our great country [is] in some way racist.

Instead of focusing on the shitty broken down roads and decaying infrastructure in the San Carlos hood, you use your government-subsidized rag as a propaganda piece for the powers that be who are running this country into the ground.

I’m sick and tired of picking up the litter that lands in my front yard monthly. Please retract the insulting cartoon that depicts anyone who is opposed to millions of foreign invaders is somehow racist. You are calling me and my family racist.

I demand an immediate apology for this insulting caricature of the honorable Donald Trump.

—David A. Begy, San Diego

[Editor’s note: SDCNN, the parent company of the Mission Times Courier, is a privately-owned and -operated newspaper company and does not receive any subsidies from the government.]

Cross-eyed over crossword

I am thankful for the crossword puzzle that your paper prints in the editions.

I am wondering if other readers fight the small print and the size of the puzzle as I and my neighbors do. I’m also thinking that the readers most likely to be interested in doing the puzzle will be in the adult/older group because the younger crowd is mostly into the electronic games.

Is it possible that the crossword could be enlarged a bit for those who wear glasses, and at times need magnified glasses to enjoy the puzzle?

We realize that a larger puzzle takes up advertisement space, so please don’t take this email as a complaint, it is just a suggestion that we hope will have some merit.

—Sal Freitas, San Diego

[Editor’s note: Due to space constraints, our puzzles are mostly run at two columns wide. However, I will look into options for making them larger in future issues.]

The write stuff 

Re: “Local author blends Japanese heritage with American” [Volume 22, Issue 3 or]

I just wanted to thank you for the lovely write-up in the Mission Times Courier this week. I really appreciate the work and insight that went into it. This one is definitely going in my scrapbook. You rock!

– Margaret Dilloway, San Diego

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