Letters to the Editor – Aug. 18, 2017

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In defense of cartoons

Re: “Letters: Down with cartoons!” [Volume 23, Issue 7 or]

I read with interest the comments of Mr. Jeff Deibert, a resident of Allied Gardens, and his critical comments of the Mission Times Courier for publishing a cartoon which he wrote was political hatred.

The cartoon characters of Bullwinkle Moose, Rocket J. Squirrel, along with their nemesis secret agents Boris and Natasha, were introduced to the American public in 1949. The storyline was so ridiculous and meaningless it was actually funny.

To equate political hatred with those characters, in my opinion, is just wrong. I disagree with Mr. Deibert. Personally, I would encourage the Mission Times Courier to continue publishing cartoons. I see cartoons as what they are intended to be — simply humor.

—Joe Ney, Del Cerro


Gun owners thank Sherman

The San Diego County Gun Owners (SDCGO) PAC, a diverse and inclusive 700-plus-member political action committee promoting Second Amendment rights, is grateful to San Diego City Council member Scott Sherman for his support. Mr. Sherman was among eight Council members who signed a proclamation declaring May 6 as “San Diego County Gun Owners Day in the City of San Diego.”

Amazingly, at the June 13 Council meeting, two council members voted to rescind the proclamation (Barbara Bry and Chris Ward). We applaud Councilmember Sherman for his courage to honor community members who support the Second Amendment. Clearly, every voter in the Seventh District should know that Mr. Sherman is serious about a citizen’s ability to protect themselves.

The Second Amendment is not only about the right to bear arms but also about the protection of yourself, your family and your dignity. To learn more about SDCGO, visit

—Michael Schwartz, Executive Director SDCGO

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