Letters to the Editor – July 21, 2017

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SoccerCity support

Re: Guest Editorial: “SoccerCity: A dagger poised to strike the heart of San Diego” [Volume 23, Issue 6 or]

I have just read “SoccerCity: A dagger poised to strike the heart of San Diego” by Joe LaCava, leader of Public Land, Public Vote.
Public Land, Public Vote is mainly two realty investment companies who want to develop the property themselves and were beat by the FS Investors proposal. It’s interesting they are called Public Vote in their title but are against a public vote for November 2017!

The realty investment companies and SDSU are trying to lure people to their side by saying FS Investors isn’t paying fair market value and there will be a lot of traffic when completed. Ironically, if the realty investment companies or SDSU get their way, they will also try to obtain the land for less than market value (they will have to remove the old stadium) and traffic will increase when their development is complete.

I like the FS Investors plan as this is the only way to get the MLS in San Diego as the MLS expansion vote is in January 2018.

—Charles Badagliacca, San Carlos

Down with cartoons!

Re: Opinion page political cartoons [Volume 23, Issue 6]

I think you would have more sense than to include a cartoon in the paper regarding some election claims. These were proven false long ago.  And recently by statements by the outgoing FBI director and others in high places.

It isn’t funny at all. Keep your Democrat hate to yourselves. I want to read news, not propaganda. What a waste of good publication space. Use your publication properly.

—Jeff Deibert, Allied Gardens

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