Letters to the Editor: June 8, 2018

Trouble with ‘toon

Re: “Cartoon” [Volume 24, Issue 5]

Some of your readers find your political cartoon unacceptable.

What data do you have that indicate that the world nations do not respect the USA? Does your list include England, France, Canada, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Netherlands, Iceland, Netherlands, etc.?

The Iran Deal could not pass Congress, just too many doubters. Please tell me the downside.

Leadership and NATO, where’s the beef?

The real issues: Brown’s bullet train folly, the gas tax, illegal immigrants, the DACA resolution.

— Victor Tallarida Sr., San Carlos

Market woes

Re: “Kaiser Zion opens farmers market: [Volume 24, Issue 4 or]

When Kaiser Permanente at Zion launched their two-year plan for opening a farmers market program, they called on Councilmember Scott Sherman of District 7 to cut the ribbon and he showed up along with the press.

This information reached me and several other residents in this immediate residential area around mid-April 2018. Yes, we read it in a well-written story by Jeff Clemetson, editor of the Mission Times Courier.

Over the past several years, residents within the pocketed city streets surrounding Kaiser have made several attempts to gain the support, help, direction and leadership of Councilmember Sherman with very limited to no response to the daily issues we face from the construction and operations of Kaiser and other profit-making entities — all of which were approved developments by our city. These daily operations have brought many unsettled issues to our modest neighborhood.

Sherman and his staff have refused to respond to our many emails and other mailed correspondence offering suggestions to help mitigate the ongoing issues. They have failed to help us move toward reasonable efforts by findings remedies and solutions to these daily problems.

However, now we are learning that the city is supporting Kaiser’s new program and plans for a weekly farmers market in this neighborhood without any notice or level of open and honest communication with its neighbors.

This glorified market concept is similar to an upscale swap meet. It’s become a real circus.

The vendors sell vegetables, fruits, eggs, nuts, nursery plants, sauces, socks, perfumes, flowers, various types of food to go. You want it, they pretty much got it!

Orange flagging and music helps to bring ’em in.

All of this activity and then some is occurring in this residential area/neighborhood without the benefit of proper permits and in violation of certain code compliance.

In part, this alone says “The Giant” with power and money can do anything. And in this case the “Giant” is played by Kaiser at Zion and obviously supported and totally endorsed by our

Councilmember Sherman of District 7.

Perhaps Sherman just forgot he has been straight-arming the citizens in this area that helped him when he asked for our help and support, but now forgets to think of them when he was cutting the ribbon with Kaiser representatives while on TV.

To this end, the district endorsement of this activity without the proper permit considerations, within the surrounding area, will also further impact properties through extra traffic and left behind debris by adding to the already unresolved street parking and debris issues Sherman has chosen to avoid by not coming to the resolution of working together and “just be accountable” to find and support needed solutions by the city of San Diego for this area and neighborhood.

— Ralph Richardson, Grantville

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