Letters to the Editor – March 17, 2017

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Rain, rain go away

I have enjoyed following you for many years as a long-time San Diego native and enjoy reading the Mission Times Courier. My comment is that the delivery person delivered the paper Friday night during one of the worst storms in years. How many papers went unread?

Yes, it was in a bag but with heavy winds and rain, why deliver it? Clearly a one day delay would have been prudent. On really heavy rain days, I would suggest a delay in delivering the paper.

—Nicole Shina, San Carlos 

The moron who delivers the Courier should be fired!

Last month, the papers were delivered in the rain and were too soaked to read. This month, it was even worse. Papers were soaked but even worse, many papers ended up in the gutters. Thought this should be brought to your attention.

—Tom Gunnerson

[Editor’s note: The Mission Times Courier regrets if any of our readers were inconvenienced by last month’s issue being delivered in the rain. The company that we hire to deliver the paper has contracts with other publications and can’t change the delivery date.

If you did not get a copy of last month’s issue, or if yours was too damaged to read, please go to and click on the archives to read a digital edition of the paper. Again, we regret any inconvenience.]

Rabbi profile praised

Re: “Beloved rabbi retires” [Volume 23, Issue 2 or]

You wrote a beautiful article about Rabbi Rosenthal and his upcoming retirement.

I know the Congregation is very pleased to see recognition of his many accomplishments and attributes. Loved the picture, too.

Judy, his wife, is such an important part of his success and longstanding tenure as our spiritual leader.

Again, thank you.

—Barbara Sperling, Tifereth Israel Sisterhood president

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