Letters to the Editor: Nov. 17, 2017

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Still waiting

Re: “Grocery Outlet, Dollar Tree to replace Albertson’s” [Volume 23, Issue 3 or]

Coming Soon? Seems like the new addition to Allied Gardens is the Dollar Tree whose “Coming Soon” has been in that mode for several months. Apparently, “Coming Soon” is all in the eyes of the beholder.

Is there any positive word as to a date that the Dollar Tree will open for business?

—Neil Vann, Allied Gardens

Plane problems

Re: “Fight or flight: Airport expansion plans concern local residents” [Volume 23, Issue 10 or]

Thanks for addressing the Montgomery Field wanting to grow.

Did you know the largest tenant of Montgomery Field is William “Buzz” Gibbs, son of Bill Gibbs who started MYF?

Buzz has been on a month to month lease with the city since 2000 because the airport became corrupt with Tracy Means, the manager then, and a lot of us small business owners, including myself, left for Gillespie Field where we didn’t have to pay corrupt city fees to operate our business there.

Buzz Gibbs is going to fold his tent and leave very soon. There is no need for larger jets at MYF unless you’re Crownair and you have been hurting for business for decades.
What about the 70 acres of development of new hangars they promised us at Gillespie? That lot still sits empty and I was on the list for years to put my hangar there and it all fell through … this should be your follow-up article! What’s happening with that lot? No one can give me a straight answer.

Well that’s my feelings for today.

—Keith Roller

Adobe fall down

Re: “Lipstick and Lifesaving: Nurse shares her experience recovering from accident” [Volume 23, Issue 10 or]

I just finished reading your story about Ms. Labate. I think it is a well-written piece and I am glad that she was able to overcome her injuries and be able to share her story.

I was disheartened in the fact that she seemed to show no remorse for being in Adobe Falls in the first place. Maybe you are aware, maybe not, but people trespassing in that area is a very sore subject for members of this community. There have been many negative occurrences there, including murder, that have been well-documented in the Mission Times Courier.

It is a long, contested debate between SDSU and the city to manage that dangerous area. I would have had a little more respect for her if she had acknowledged her wrongdoings. Being an adrenaline junkie is not an excuse for breaking the law.

—Mark Petrone, Del Cerro

In the last Mission Times Courier, an article entitled, “Lipstick and Lifesaving,” seemed to have glorified the criminal activity of a young nurse as she illegally trespassed into the Adobe Falls Canyon area. And, although I wish Marissa Labate a speedy recovery and nothing but the best, I cannot help but wonder why this paper chose to include an article that encourages criminal behavior. This woman’s poor choices not only cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars but almost cost her her life.

Mission Times Courier has an obligation to the public to not encourage illegal activity yet has published an article about criminal activity with just one sentence that casually mentions this is off limits. Nowhere in the article does it say anything about it being illegal to be there nor does it discourage others from going down there.

As one of the residents in the area, who are constantly battling the trespassers, I have to express my sincere disappointment in your journalism. We who live in the Adobe Falls area have to deal with strangers who cut through our yards, graffiti our backyard, and have no regard for our neighborhood.

Shame on the Mission Times Courier.

—Susan Skala, Del Cerro

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