Letters to the Editor: Sept. 14, 2018

A goose by any other name …

Re: “Fowl play at Lake Murray?” [Volume 24, Issue 8 or]

Good morning, Jeff. Regarding your article about the two geese missing from Lake Murray, according to the Cornell lab of ornithology, the correct name for Squeaky is Canada goose, not Canadian. A very common error. Cheers.

—Margaret Green, San Diego

MADs have history of success

Re: “Letters” [Volume 24, Issue 8 or]

Response to Joe Ney’s letter to the editor:

I have many favorite events in history that keep repeating themselves, like the New York Yankees winning the World Series, again and again or the New England Patriots winning the Super bowl five times. History repeating itself can be a great thing. Like establishing a maintenance district that enhances the quality of life of a neighborhood and improves the values of properties. I look forward to the day that Del Cerro can repeat the history of successfully establishing a maintenance assessment district, following the 55 communities that have thriving maintenance districts throughout the city.

Del Cerro was one of the last communities that were established in the 1950s that did not have a maintenance district created at the time of development. Now 60 years later, our community looks tired compared to the communities that have maintenance districts. I look forward to having beautiful medians, cleaner streets, additional lighting, nicer parks and walkable open space in the canyons surrounding our community. If we work together we can make history repeat itself. If you are interested in volunteering in making the Del Cerro Maintenance Assessment District a reality, please contact me at 619-888-9140 or send an email to

—Mark Rawlins, Del Cerro

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