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By Jay Wilson

The development of the 26 homes proposed by the ColRich Company on the east side of College Avenue and south of Del Cerro Boulevard continues to work its way through the city’s Development Department.

Opposition to the project remains high and virtually everyone in Del Cerro cannot comprehend why the city is allowing the ingress and egress to be from College Avenue, just south of the Chevron Station.

The city’s Fire-Rescue Department has been asked to comment on how they would propose to provide emergency service to the complex from Fire Station 31 in Del Cerro.

The closest U-turn for southbound traffic on College Avenue, once you pass Del Cerro Boulevard, is Lindo Paseo which is one block north of Montezuma Avenue in the College Area.

We hope to have additional information at the Jan. 26 meeting of the Del Cerro Action Council, held at 7 p.m. at Temple Emanu-El.

Also at the meeting will be a presentation by Lisa Lind, a senior planner for the city of San Diego, who is the project manager for the Grantville Trolley Station/Alvarado Creek Enhancement Study. This study is the first step in resolving the ongoing flooding issue of the Alvarado Storm Drain/Creek.

The city is seeking input from residents within the Navajo Community to help guide consultants and city staff in designing a viable solution. The target date for completing this initial plan is September or October of this year.

The study was financed by the city of San Diego and a major grant from SANDAG. When this study is complete, which will include a basic design for the Alvarado Storm Drain/Creek, the total project will be considered 30 percent complete.

This will allow the city to apply for state and federal grants to fund the actual reconstruction of the Alvarado Storm Drain/Creek.

With completion of the total project, redevelopment of a major portion of Grantville can commence which will allow for the realignment of Alvarado Canyon Road; to eliminate having it dump on to the westbound off-ramp from Interstate 8 to the Fairmount/Mission Gorge interchange.

We have also asked for a member of the Friends of Del Cerro to provide an update on the status of their proposal to establish a maintenance assessment district in Del Cerro.

—Jay Wilson is secretary of the Del Cerro Action Council. Reach him at

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