News from the San Carlos Area Council – April 21, 2017

By Mickey Zeichick

The next San Carlos Area Council (SCAC) meeting will be Wednesday, May 3 at 6 p.m. at the San Carlos Branch Library, 7265 Jackson Drive.

There might be a discussion on the homes being built at the Cleveland Elementary School site. Let me know if you think this would be a good topic. Our meetings are open to the public.

At our July 5 meeting, our speaker will be Wade Aschbrenner of Altus Schools, the newest Charter School in San Carlos at the former Blockbuster location.

Altus Schools are tuition-free, public-option schools with open enrollment and year-round courses.

Teachers are committed to providing a personalized and rigorous academic experience for each student and are trained to work on specific student needs. Students and parents commit to working closely with the teachers.

Teachers are actively involved with students and families, engaging with parents on a weekly basis through formal meetings, home visits, phone calls and emails.

Lake Murray Fireworks and Music Festival

SCAC is a proud supporter of this event. If you would like to make a financial donation to this 501(c)(3) organization, please make your check payable to “Lake Murray Fireworks” and send it to:

Lake Murray Fireworks


Attn: Tracy Dahlkamp

PO Box 19246

San Diego, CA  92159.

Prom dresses and suits

Once again, we are collecting dresses, suits and other items for the prom, for our guys and gals who are in foster/shelter housing. PHHS bought them the prom tickets and now they need an appropriate outfit for the night. Please contact me to collect your items and deliver them to PHHS no later than May 4.

Fraud alert

The State Controller’s Office has received inquiries from the public reporting the receipt of generic postcards or official-looking emails or letters with instructions to contact a private attorney, investigator, asset locator, heir finder, etc., or pay upfront fees for help with recovering lost property for them or a family member. You have the right to obtain your unclaimed property without fees or lawyers by working directly with the State Controller’s Office staff or company you previously have done business with.

It is a violation of California law for people or companies to falsely identify themselves as representing a government official. If you receive a suspicious solicitation from a non-governmental source, the controller recommends that you do not share personal information with the sender. Instead forward the solicitation to the State Controller’s Office at so the controller’s legal team can pursue appropriate action.

Consumer protection agencies advise that legitimate businesses do not expect payment until the property is returned to the owner. Owners should be suspicious if an investigator asks for money before the owner receives the property or if the fee is not based on a percentage of the value of the property to be returned to the owner.  

If you suspect that somewhere along the line you may have unclaimed property/assets you can file the claim, to start the process contact the company by letter, internet, phone call. You do not need a company to do this for you. The procedure is quite simple, even I have done it, and it works well.  

Odds and ends

The San Diego History Museum in Balboa Park is a real treasurer. Spend some time browsing and/or become a member. When you are a member, you are invited to special events and know you are helping to preserve our history. San Carlos is a part of that history!

I enjoy walking but even the slightest hill presents a challenge, we need sitting and resting areas around San Carlos. Sectionalized park benches would allow me to rest when needed. Walking is good for us!

Thank you to Keil’s Food Store for putting the Kiwanis MMQ (Miracle Mile of Quarters) for Rady’s Childrens Hospital on the check-out counter.

SCAC dues are due each May 1, but are accepted anytime.



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—Mickey Zeichick is president of the San Carlos Area Council. Reach her at

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