News from the San Carlos Area Council – Nov. 18, 2016

By Mickey Zeichick

Our next San Carlos Area Council (SCAC) meeting will be Wednesday, Jan. 4 at 6 p.m. in our branch library at 7265 Jackson Drive. Our meetings are open to the public. Our guest speakers will be Toni Noel, a top literary author who knows a lot about San Carlos, and Dennis Brown from Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP).

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith was our November guest speaker and he spoke about his work after former City Attorney Mike Aguirre and how he changed the office and staff. Goldsmith mostly expressed that there was a difference in style but there was no rancor between himself and Aguirre.

The City Attorney is the chief legal adviser, and attorney, for the city and all its departments and he or she performs three distinct roles: Advise the city about laws; represent the city in defense against litigation; and prosecute criminal misdemeanors and infractions committed within the city limits and in Poway.

Integrity matters! We can best do this by providing timely, accurate and high quality legal representation to the city of San Diego. We will be firm, independent and professional, stopping illegalities while suggesting solutions. We will never forget that we are accountable to the people of San Diego and that we represent the city of San Diego. The city, in the past several years, has undergone many challenges some even became material for the late night TV hosts; we have been successful in turning this around and we will continue the path of being a city that our residents can be proud of.

The November meeting of the Navajo Community Planners, Inc. was cancelled. The next meeting is Dec. 14. On the agenda is an item about installation of a lot of new Sprint equipment along Mission Gorge Road.

The elections are over and our top leadership has begun the task of bringing incumbents into the fold. This transition can be painful but we need to remain mindful that this country is the greatest democracy in the world and while we may not agree with the new or the former administrations, it is the democracy that we have. While some may disagree with the Electoral College system of voting, I am reminded that it does give all states a stake in our government. We do have the best government! We need to keep in mind that we are a strong nation of laws and that we are innocent until proven guilty, that everyone is entitled to the best defense possible, and our people are covered under the constitution with certain rights.

The San Carlos Branch Library is more vibrant than ever and we encourage your participation in various library activities; and if you think of an activity you believe others might like also, bring your idea(s) to the library’s attention.

Progress is being made on the new library – slow, but some movement!

The new Orchard Hardware and Supply, located at the northeast corner of Navajo Road and Lake Murray Boulevard at the former site of Fresh & Easy, is close to opening. While I was not able to get an exact date of their opening, I noticed that shelves have stock on them. I am quite certain they will be open in time to sell Christmas trees and/or decorations. This is a welcome addition to our neighborhood, but please do not overlook our San Carlos Hardware store in the Keil’s Shopping Center on Navajo Road and Jackson Drive.

The Interested Persons List is up and running. If you have not received any information from me lately, please write me ( and make sure that your email address is on the list.

In San Diego, we are so lucky to have so many clear days and nights; take a few moments each night to see the stars. They are big and bright!

—Mickey Zeichick is president of the San Carlos Area Council. Reach her at

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